Digital Nomad Blogs Award 2017

The new generations of millennials have the world at their feet. Quite literally, in fact. By becoming digital nomads they have the possibility to work and travel at the same time. All they need is a computer and an internet connection. They work as writers, coders, graphic designers, virtual assistants, teachers and so much more. Lots of those digital nomads build their own blog to inspire others to live this nomadic life as well. Here you find some of the best.

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Never Ending Voyage

“Because life is short and the world is large.” In other words: make the most of your life and make the most of it now! Simon and Erin sold all their stuff in the UK to start this amazing adventure, that after 7 years is still going strong. They have an extensive list of destination guides and tips.

Legal Nomads

Taking a gap year from her life as a lawyer became a now 9 year long journey around the world working as a digital nomad. Her blog started as a way to keep family and friends updated about her adventures, but slowly it turned into a way to sustain her travels. She is an inspiration for everyone searching to follow the same path.

Otts World

Sherry had enough of her office cube job. She couldn’t stand being stuck for another day from 9 to 5 behind the computer. So she didn’t. She packed her bags and her camera and started traveling around the world. Now she lives from her blog, photography and the courses she gives to help others become digital nomads as well.

I am Aileen

Aileen has been featured in the National Geographic, BBC, Lonely Planet and many other big names. She started traveling at the age of 21 and is an exceptional writer. She created her own business, which was a rough start but is now successful. On her blog she shares all her secrets to create a similar lifestyle.

Become Nomad

Become Nomad covers everything you need to know about being a digital nomad. From beginning to success. From tips on how and where to start to the best places in the world to work as a digital nomad. The tips on this website are gold for everyone who is looking to become or already is a digital nomad.

the sweetest way

On The Sweetest Way Leah shares all her adventures and travel tips. But even better, she shares all her tips on being completely location independent. She definitely is an expert in this. Her blog can already give you a bunch of ideas on creating this lifestyle, but if you fully want to go for it you can also buy her ebook.

artikel 2.55

The Dutch Suzanne truly enjoys everything that life gives her. On her blog she tries to inspire others to live their dreams instead of keep dreaming. Her blog is filled with destination tips and guides to have fun in your work by starting your own business or becoming a digital nomad.


One of the most famous Dutch travel bloggers is definitely one you should follow if you are thinking of becoming a digital nomad. Wendy started the blog back in 2013, and during those 4 years the blog quickly filled with valuable information. Throughout the years she’s gotten ten thousands of followers, and all of her social media and the blog are very active.

Full Nomad

With 42 years old Steff decided enough was enough. Shee had to change her life around. So she went full nomad. A location independent life and job was created and she started traveling the world. On the blog she shares all her adventures and tips, both on destinations as on starting a nomadic life of your own.

Werken vanuit het buitenland

The Dutch Seph and Jessie decided to stop being bored at life. That meant no more office jobs, a lot more free time and especially traveling all over the world. On their website they share all their secrets to becoming a digital nomad. They also have a business ebook that you can download to get even more professional information.
The German Barbara knows like no other how it is to be a traveler. And more specifically, a digital nomad. She hops around the globe all the while working, blogging and photographing. Her blog is both in German and English and is full of tips on sights to visit and how to be a digital nomad.
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