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Parenting is a huge challenge – there are no easy roads or solutions. It is also impossible to find an ideal, cookie-cutter way to be a parent. With so many parenting blogs out there, it can be difficult to navigate the sea of “experts” that are telling you what you should and should not do with your children.

 The blogs that are nominated for this award are all amazing in their own unique ways. They do not force their opinions on their readers about the proper way to parent. Instead, these blogs focus more on providing a more personal perspective. They serve as a timely reminder that parents are not alone in their journey and that there is a great community out there offering support and tried-and-tested tips and advice.

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Jen of Mum in the Mad House is the mother of two wonderful boys. She is passionate about raising passionate and creative children with skills that will last them a lifetime. Her blog covers a wide range of topics from realistic parenting tips and advice, to arts and craft, to recipes for scrumptious dishes. She encourages her readers to pursue a creative family life that is full of joy and love.
Hayley is the voice behind Sparkles and Stretchmarks. She began her blog two months before she was due to give birth to her first child. Initially, she was just searching for a way to reach out to other mothers-to-be. Eventually, the blog turned into a place where she can document her family life - from the beautiful and picture-perfect moments to the frustrations and challenges.

Toby and Roo

Toby and Roo is the brainchild of Harriet, mother to two wonderful little boys and an amazing daughter. Her blog documents her parenthood journey and covers an extensive range of topics, from food, fashion and beauty, to travel. Harriet works as an international children’s merchandise retailer, which means that readers can always count on her recommendations when it comes to children’s products.
Boo Roo and Tigger Too is a family lifestyle blog that showcases the daily joys and trials of family life. Sarah, the writer behind the blog, is a former hospital administrator who also has extensive experience in other industries including finance, catering, IT, and others. She blogs about her experiences as a mother and also occasionally branches out into other topics including home decor, fashion, finance, and health and fitness.
Katie is the energetic mother of two young girls and a little boy. She started the blog, Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three, to have something creative to do while she was on maternity leave with her eldest daughter. Seven years later, the blog has turned into a visual diary of her journey as a parent as well as a record of the ordinary and extraordinary moments (and everything else in between) of her family life.
Talya of Motherhood: The Real Deal is a former editor-in-chief who turned to blogging as she was transitioning into motherhood. She started her blog as a way to get the conversation going on the challenges that mothers experience throughout their journey. Her writing is bold, authentic, direct, and funny. Talya keeps her readers captivated and entertained with her unbridled humor about parenting and motherhood.
Sally is a working mom and a happily single parent. She started her blog to have a place where she can document the little moments in her family life. Nearly a decade later, the blog is still going strong and still capturing extraordinary memories. She provides one caveat for her readers: that Who’s the Mummy is not a lifestyle blog. Instead, the site is the story of a chaotic and happy family that loves laughter and adventures.
Cerys of Rainy Day Mum started her blog after trying out doing arts and crafts with her child as a way to spend quality time together. Rainy Day Mum was a place where she can share with her readers her ideas for getting creative and exploring hands-on activities that parents can do together with their children. Cerys hopes to serve as an inspiration to other parents and to encourage them to work on their own family goals.

Channel Mum

Channel Mum is a community of mothers that offers friendship, fun, and support for all things family. It is the UK’s fastest growing parenting platform which provides reliable information from the top parenting experts in the country as well as some of the leading family bloggers and influencers. The site aims to let all mothers know that whatever it is that they are going through, they are not alone and that there are countless people who are ready to help them.
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