Favourite Vegan Blogs of 2019

When you consider what the state of the world’s interconnected situation has become in terms of how it relates to food and online shopping via sites like Rico Moda, Rijwiel Cash & Carry, Oad, and Superdry, it becomes easy to tell that there is a change coming over the horizon. In order to keep up with these changes, you’ll want to take a look at the Favourite Vegan Blogs of 2019 that you can find.

Being vegan is not just about fighting for animal rights. It is living a clean and healthy lifestyle, giving your body a great way to cleanse and get nutrients without sacrificing any animal life. It also gives you the freedom to have more options with the things that you are eating and permitting inside your body.

Fortunately, there are the following amazing blogs about vegans and the lifestyle included. They give amazing tips and methods on how you can do it in a way that is fun and still, enjoying the food you are eating. Marvel at their lifestyle and the amazing photos they included in their articles in the following vegan blogs.

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Favourite Vegan Blogs of 2019 romylondonuk.com

Romy London

Sumptuous photos and amazing food will make you salivate while looking at this amazing blog. It gives you recipes and sure method on how to enjoy different sweets and smoothie in a vegan way. You’ll never believe that there are thousands of delicious food you can try as a vegan and you don’t have to live a life munching on tasteless vegetables when you can enjoy being one without sacrificing your sweet tooth. Focusing more on sharing recipes, this site is an inspiration to a lot of vegans all over the world especially those who are just starting their own journey towards achieving a completely meat free lifestyle.
You’ll never believe how delicious vegan meals are until you take a look at this blog site. You will be treated with mouth watering photos that will instantly convert you to become vegan yourself. Focusing on improving health through food, this site will give you a step by step instruction on how you can commit to a vegan lifestyle. It also has different suggestions based on your own diet type that includes sugar-free diet, gluten-free diet and other healthy lifestyle. This is perfect especially for those who are just deciding what type of diet they want to focus on.
One of the most common misconceptions about having a vegan lifestyle is that the food means you will have to eat almost tasteless food. It’s not the case as proven by this blog. It is a great way to have an understanding on the complex gourmet option that you can have as a vegetarian and providing recipes and steps will also help you to prepare these foods in the comfort of your own home. This is an amazing source of information and inspiration to those who want to start their journey towards a healthy lifestyle that they want to commit to.
Favourite Vegan Blogs of 2019 veganlifemag.com
Talking all about vegan lifestyle, this magazine style blog site provides crucial information to those who are considering to change their diets, and at the same time, to those who are already doing it. It provides helpful articles that have great insights into dealing the normal challenges of doing this lifestyle. At the same time, it also has its staple contents providing easy to follow recipes that would make it easier for you to prepare healthy, vegan food not only for you but your family as well. It also has a healthy shop where you can purchase different stuff for your vegan journey.
Not to confused with voracious, veracious means honest. It is the hallmark of this website as it tries to create honest articles about the normal challenges of a vegan lifestyle. This is a good read if you are looking for real accounts of people who are living the lifestyle so you’ll have a better understanding of the struggles they face on a day-to-day basis. It also does restaurant reviews focusing on their vegan options that is especially useful to those who are always eating out and looking for a place where to eat and get delicious and affordable vegan options.
Favourite Vegan Blogs of 2019 wtfveganfood.com
A clever play on WTF, it does not stand for the thing that you’re thinking right now, but “Will travel for Food.” It is a great website combining two exciting activities that people love the most, travelling and food. Although the focus of this website is to look for great and delicious vegan food, it is a great read to those who are looking for excitement and variety as you’ll get to learn different methods and techniques that people from different places use in order to commit to a vegan lifestyle. You’ll be surprised as to what people can do just to commit to this.
Favourite Vegan Blogs of 2019 urbannaturale.com

Deborah Davis

It’s not just about transforming your life into a vegan lifestyle, it is also about making sure that all of the things that you are putting inside your body is natural and organic. This blog is all about that. It talks about the importance of keeping it natural and how it will benefit your body in the long run. In this way, you are assured that the result you are hoping for will come out. Follow this blog and enjoy several of their articles outlining how you can start your journey of not only being a vegan, but transforming your choices to go for the natural ones.
Favourite Vegan Blogs of 2019 mainstreetvegan.net

Victoria Moran

Using her experience in following the vegan lifestyle for the past three decades, this blog will inspire you to commit to a healthier lifestyle that you owe to your body. It talks about how beneficial it will be if you have this lifestyle. By being an inspirational speaker, her articles will touch your life especially at times when you are struggling to keep up. Follow this blog if you are just starting or already in the middle of your journey to continuously get inspiration that you need in order for you to come out successful as you continue to live your vegan lifestyle.
Favourite Vegan Blogs of 2019 texasvegfest.com

Texas VegFest

Texas is known for its steak and the abundance of meat due to the warm weather allowing for the meat industry to finish. But it does not stop this blog to use their voice to educate the people of texas that there are alternative lifestyle as compared to what they know. There are far more other options for the type of cuisine they can patronize that is healthier and better for the bodies. This blog provides helpful guides and articles that are full of insights to inspire the readers to become a healthier versions of themselves.
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