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Crafting, as researchers have proven, is a great way to develop and improve one’s feelings, thinking and coordination skills. We learn to explore and expose the creativity within us through art and crafts DIY projects. Let us learn to appreciate “doing things” with glue, paper, fabric, paint and bring out the creative juices within us. Check out these blogs for that perfect project.

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Maggy loves everything artsy and crafty which makes her website an inspiration site that creates awesome projects. This site is a great source of activity for kids and the kid at heart.

Kids Craft Room share printables of kids’ projects which will definitely bring out their creativity. Her crafts are colorful and fun that every child will love. Emma gives child- centered activities because she loves to share inspirational art and craft ideas to promote their self- esteem, self-expression and creativity.
Claire provides tutorials for DIY projects for adults such as planners and decors. If you are in the lookout for some organizational ideas, this site provides the answers. It is Claire’s aim to help one relieve stress especially to those who have a hectic lifestyle.
This mum blogger uses practical materials in all her projects. Jen keeps herself busy with cooking and crafting and shares them in her blog. Visit her blog for some decorating ideas.
A unique blog that started the kind kids project aims which aims to promote kindness among children by spreading kindness in a fun and interesting way. Anna is a former teacher and now a stay at home mom looking after her 4 kids.
Kate is the maker of artsy thing for kids and adults. She shares activities and projects through video tutorials that are readily available in her blog. is an influencer for it received recognition under the art and crafts category.
A colorful blog authored by Emma from England. She started the blog in 2013and has been professionally involved in crafting ever since. This blog showcases all kinds of crafting including clay crafts, paper crafts and origami. is an influencer for it receives thousands of visitors and followers around the globe. This blog is also a brand ambassador to numerous clubs. Jenny definitely earned her spot as a crafter in the art and crafting world.

Sam Hammond

The author has been a crafter for 15 years and has received several recognitions as paper crafter of the year. She loves all kinds of paper crafting and made it a hobby. is an inspirational website that creates awesome projects.
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