Top 20 Best Wellness Centre in Amsterdam

In a world that runs on energy drinks and looming deadlines, it is really quite difficult to pay attention to what is more vital. Today’s world seems to be giving too much emphasis on the need to be productive, to meet several expectations, and many other external factors. The risk, of course, is that while you may successful and all, your body is the one that suffers. To avoid this, you need to be able to get enough energy to stop being so caught up in things that will not matter in the end. Ultimately, you need to learn to take care of yourself.

To make this task easier for you to do, you can check out the most popular go-to destinations when it comes to self-care and self-repair: the spas and wellness centers. If you are at a loss as to which spa and wellness center to visit, be sure you’re paying attention to this list, because this list has all the good stuff: the 20 best spas and wellness centers in Amsterdam.

One thing that sets Sauna Deco apart from all the rest of the wellness centers around Amsterdam is the fact that Sauna Deco boasts of years and years of experience. With the center’s long history of upholding a culture of peace and wellness as well as art deco, it’s easy to understand why it is well known in Amsterdam, not only for locals but for tourists as well. Pay a visit to Sauna Deco, and get a feel for Parisian chic, sans the stress and hassle.

The promise of City Streets Spa is quite simple, but is by no means easy to deliver. City Streets spa promises to fill you with a sense of peace as soon as you enter its light-filled premises. Without a doubt, the spa is a place that effectively delivers this message and keeps its promise quite well. Providing a sanctuary to anyone who happens to pass by, it’s really a place and a center that will help you achieve that state of quietude you deserve.

Priding itself on being more than just a spa, the Conservatorium Hotel boasts of facilities and amenities that go beyond the commonplace spa. Offering services such as a huge pool, a Hammam that you can experience privately, as well as one of the best gyms in all of Amsterdam, the Conservatorium Hotel is not just a place you go to to unwind and relax. It’s actually your opportunity to experience home away from home, only this time it’s more stylish than usual.

Have you ever been so tired with life, that you just wanted to lie down and simply float? Floating, to the simple and uncomplicated mind, seems to be something that’s possible only on seawater, and is thus a relaxation method that isn’t always so accessible. Fortunately, in Koan Float, this is something you can freely do. Boasting of a relaxation method called floating, you can now enjoy lying flat on a surface, casting your cares on nothing but the water underneath you.

Literally translating to ‘rest’ from the Dutch, Rust. is your go-to destination when it comes to your much needed massages and relaxation needs. Boasting of the fact that its average for reviews is a shining 5-star review, Rust. is truly one of those places where you can expect every fiber of your being to rest and recharge for the coming days. Try out any one of their top three massages for a start: the 60-minute relaxation massage, the 45-minute deep tissue massage, as well as the couples massage (by arrangement).

Located right in the heart of Amsterdam, Massage Marin is a place that is committed to enabling you to reach the very depths of your own self and consciousness.More than just a massage place, Massage Marin devotes itself to helping and coaching you in listening to your inner self, to communicate with that self which you usually just ignore on your busy days. Go ahead and visit them, if you’re in the mood for some silence and self-reflection.

Massagehuys specializes in a very unique niche, when it comes to massage and wellness centers in Amsterdam. You see, Massagehuys specializes in giving Oriental Massages, the kind that allow you to listen to your own body and figure out what sort of relaxation you really need. Are your muscles tightening? Do you need to relax your senses? Don’t worry, Massagehuys will help you to see and feel the peace that you most need at the moment.

Calling itself a place for peace, An Chi is your haven and sanctuary if you are a person who is looking for some time to just let all the tiredness go. Upon entering An Chi, you will immediately be greeted by a sense of quietude that you have probably never experienced before. Beyond the threshold, the staff are more than willing to help you in getting your dose of peace by trying to see what specific service you require, given your conditions. An Chi is more than just a massage place; it’s a whole culture of peace.

If you combine a swimming pool, fitness, wellness, and beauty in one great place, what do you get? Simple. The answer is The Wellness Garden. WIth such an irresistible combination, it’s practically impossible to come up with a strong excuse as to why you shouldn’t start your wellness journey today. When you visit Amsterdam’s The Wellness Garden, you will most certainly be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of it. So, what are you waiting for? Begin the path to fitness and wellness, today.

At first sight, people will probably think that the De L’Europe is just another fancy hotel. Of course, this will be an easy mistake to make, primarily because one visit to their website and you’ll immediately be met with the slogan: Best 5-Star Hotel in Europe. More than a hotel however, the De L’Europe is home to an excellent spa and wellness center. Here, you won’t only get to look forward to great massages; you can also look forward to top-notch facial care as only De L’Europe can offer.

While not necessarily a spa or a wellness center, 4Seasons Spa takes the discussion to a whole new level. Instead of being the spa itself, 4Seasons Spa designs spa experiences, intended to give any customer only a world-class experience of peace and relaxation. Specializing in the conceptualization and design of spas, pools, residential spas, and other possibilities, 4Seasons Spa is indeed your Spa Specialist.

More often than not, people get easily caught up in their daily routine. As a consequence, in the midst of this daily routine, people also tend to fail in capturing and remembering moments. To address that problem, Nagomi Spa comes to the rescue. Considering itself as a spa that gives you back your moments for yourself, Nagomi Spa is then more than just a spa. It’s place where you get away from the tedium of daily routine, and bring some life back into your life.

Without a shred of doubt, no one can go wrong with the Amrath Hotel in Amsterdam. Apart from the more obvious hotel amenities and facilities, the Amrath Hotel also features a world-class spa and wellness center. At the spa and wellness center, you can avail of wide variety of services that are sure to match every need and context. There’s a full gymnasium for the sports-minded, and there are also massage options for those who just intend to relax.

Contrary to popular belief, a spa does not just specialize in things like massages and other treatments. When Dayspa enters the picture, the playfield also changes. You see, at Dayspa, you can also avail of top-notch haircuts and styling methods, as well as excellent services for your facial care needs. All this, on top of the already included relaxing experiences with their massage packages and treatments.

Wellness 1926 rests on the fact that it has a long history of wellness and relaxation. Today, it is known as Wellness 1926, a place where peace really finds you and stays with you. Here, you can avail of the facial treatment, or the massage that can very well remove all your stresses (at least temporarily), or simply be surprised by the snacks that they will offer once in a while. Each day is a unique experience at Wellness 1926 – begin yours today.

Definitely one of the issues of today’s world is the problem of aging. For both men and women, aging means no longer being able to attract as many people as they used to, as well as no longer being able to do things they used to do. Worry not, however, With Amsterdam’s City Spa, you can very well delay the signs of aging (with their services for cell regeneration and many others) as well as find time to get your weekly dose of peace and quiet (with their excellent massage services).

While it is not exactly a spa or a wellness center, Puurenkuur does more than that for you. What Puurenkuur does is to arrange your vacation or trip in such a way as to make it absolutely relaxing for you. Whether it’s in a different city or a foreign country altogether, Puurenkuur makes sure that you will never find a reason to be stressed out, or, at the very least, that you will never have a reason to remember what stressed you out. Try their services for yourself, and be amazed at what they can do.

In the midst of spas and wellness centers that promise you absolute peace and quiet, still there’s one weakness latent in all of them – they all seem to operate on the assumption that you’ll be experiencing the relaxation alone. Good news, though. With Spa 1001, you won’t have to go solo. Apart from the option to go alone, you can also opt for Spa 1001’s option for a package for two, as well as a party package.

Truth be told, the name for this website might strike you as weird or strange: Upload Your NRG. Actually, to upload one’s NRG basically means recharging your energy levels (get it? N-R-G, Energy.) Wit aside, this wellness center gives you a lot of natural solutions to the many problems brought about by your fast-paced, pressure-filled lifestyle. Combining therapeutic massage with detoxification and other methods, Upload Your NRG is really one huge step towards total wellness.

One misconception that people have about spas and wellness centers is that it’s all about receiving rest. However, the truth is that it would also require effort on your part. This right mix of rest and effort is the principle on which Splash Amsterdam stands. With this right mix, you will feel that your body and your mind are indeed rejuvenated, and your energies replensihed to their full levels.