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Bitterballenbruid 36%



Hayley is a British expat living in Hilversum, the Netherlands. She started her blog in 2013, shortly before moving to the Netherlands with her (now) Dutch husband. Before that, her husband aka 'The Dutchie' lived in the UK for 3 years, and now they're giving the Netherlands a go. Why? Well, why not? Her blog is mostly about travel, eating too many bitterballen, learning how to be Dutch... and the (dreaded) language!
Invading Holland 29%

Invading Holland


The blog was founded Stuart who describes himself as accident prone Englishman who responded to a cryptic job advertisement that eventually resulted in his unplanned relocation to Holland. Stuart had to endure some rather awkward scenarios, which is only inevitable given his zero understanding of the locale’s language. The blog is Stuart’s way of sharing his strange adventure filled with anecdotes of funny language and cultural misunderstandings, a must-read for tourists who plan on visiting Holland one of these days.
OranjeFlamingo 17%



The blog is run by Alison, a Florida native who is now based in the Netherlands. Alison shares his knowledge of the local scene in a section called “Things To Do In Utrecht,” which is basically an activity guide for tourists visiting the central Netherlands city. The blog also has a page full of links that could prove to be useful for expats.
Amsterdamian 10%



The blog’s author is a Romanian national living in Amsterdam who calls the city as her playground and is passionate to share with the world the city’s beauty through her posts. She loves to capture in photos everything that excites her, and the blog perfectly reflects that passion. The site delightfully pictures heavy, which is a good thing because it perfectly encapsulates glimpses of Amsterdam’s daily grind.
Turning Dutch 5%

Turning Dutch


If you’re looking for a blog that feels like an insider’s guide to the Netherlands, then Amanda van Mulligen’s Turning Dutch might just be what you are looking for. It is filled with tips that only a Holland native would know such as those found in her post titled “10 Things You Don’t Know about The Netherlands and the Dutch Until You Move Here.” While Amanda was born in Britain, she certainly lived long enough to qualify as a native, having married a Dutch husband and raising three Dutch sons.
Tassie 2%



Leaving abroad brings a number of challenges, but choosing a life in a foreign country can also be very surprising. Fortunately, you can always visit tassiedevilabroad.com to give you an idea what you can really expect when you are going to settle at the destination.
Expat Since Birth 1%

Expat Since Birth


Blot author Ute knows more than anyone else the unique set of challenges facing expats because of she, herself, is one. In fact, her life can be summarized as that of constant moving. She was born in Switzerland but grew up in Italy and is now based in Netherlands. This exposure to multiple cultures resulted in Ute also being multilingual; she can speak and write in German, Italian, French, English, and Dutch. It should come as no surprise then that her blog contains interesting posts about cultures and traditions from various places as well as parenting blogs since she is a mother of three herself.
Dutch Dutch Goose 0%

Dutch Dutch Goose


You can’t help but be amazed at people who pull off traveling all over the continent as if it was nothing, more so if they do it so effortlessly with three little kids and the husband in tow. But that is what Dutch Dutch Goose blogger and freelance writer Elizabeth just did. Her blog is a collection of stories and practical tips she learned on her travels, an adventure spanning the entire continent of Europe covering exotics locals in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Ireland, Poland and the UK.
Dutch Australian 0%

Dutch Australian


Founded by a dual national, the blog Dutch Australian aims to bring together people who have connections to both Australia and the Netherlands. It encourages community members to share their own stories on how they are connected to both countries. There are stories about Australian living in Netherlands as well as stories of Dutch nationals living in Australia. A section named “Places” highlights special spots in both countries, a must-read for people who are planning to tour either country.
Lily Wanderlust 0%

Lily Wanderlust


Lily started her blog back in 2009 when he moved to Amsterdam as an expat. Since she works as a freelance photographer and a brand creative, she found the perfect mix of work and pleasure while traveling Amsterdam while faithfully documenting her adventure via her blog. She has since expanded her reach outside Amsterdam’s borders and has included other exotic locations in her blog posts such as Marrakech and Berlin, with tips on where to sleep and dine.
A Wonderlust for life 0%

Sean and Jessica


Sean and Jessica decided to ditch home and move to Amsterdam. Amsterdam would be their new home base from where they would live, work and discover Europe. Their blog is full of tips on what to do in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe and how the life of an expat really is living in Amsterdam. A great blog to follow for everyone who considers moving abroad!

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